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This week’s guest post comes from Sarah Wynn, who lives in Wymondham, is mum to Poppy, and has recently set up a new venture, Mumma & More.

Mumma & More aims to support mums who have set up their own businesses by creating spaces and places for them to meet, network, sell and shop.  The first MummaMarket is on the 3rd June at Wymondham Central Hall and visitors to the Market can shop from stalls selling nursery décor, specialist mother and baby skincare, children’s books, toys and tepees and much more.

There’s also plans underway for a MummaJumble and some smaller MummaMeetups. Take a look at the Mumma & More Facebook page to see further details of events and the local businesses that are involved:

Over to Sarah…

Hi, my name is Sarah Wynn and I moved to Norwich after returning from University in 2002. I have lived mostly in the Golden Triangle area but recently moved to Wymondham since the life changing moment we had our daughter, which literally happened the week after I gave birth!

Since becoming a Mum, like most of us, my priorities have shifted and I have changed from a full-time teacher, living for the job and working the crazy hours teachers do, to someone who wanted to achieve that ever elusive ‘work-life balance’. So I went part-time and haven’t looked back.

I really cherish every moment with my daughter, but also love my time at work with colleagues and friends. Recently I have also started a new challenge, hoping to help others achieve the balance too, by creating ‘Mumma & More’. 

On workdays I wake at 5:45 to help get Poppy ready for nursery and get into school early enough to set up the classroom. On my ‘mummy days’ I get up when Poppy does. Some days I am lucky and get some Paw Patrol time in bed, but most days we have to go downstairs and get the breakfast ready.

My mornings are spent… trying to get out of the house! Does anyone else struggle with this??

Poppy enjoys a good café so this is always part of our itinerary. In Wymondham we love the Garden Centre or the Courtyard Café for a quick bite to eat. We also love Earlham Park Café for a fab fry-up. If you are looking for something a bit posh, Jamie’s Italian is the most child-friendly restaurant I have found in Norwich and they often do Kids Eat Free during the holidays. The Sanctuary on Grove Walk is also a fabulous find, a great space for kids and reasonably priced yummy food. Child-friendly eating is a minefield and something that particularly frustrates me.

In the afternoon I… collapse!! Poppy and I love a good film, particularly anything Disney or Studio Ghibli, so we will often chill and watch a film. If we have spent the morning inside we will go to the park, which is luckily just opposite our house, or go for a walk in the woods near our house. Poppy loves being outside, give her a stick and she’s happy!

We try to eat healthily, but we also have to convince a three year old to eat her tea so I try to cook things that I can hide the vegetables in! Spag bol is always a winner.

If I go out, my favourite place is anywhere with friends. Time out is always a rare treat. I love the cinema and Cinema City especially. Watching a good film with a glass of wine in hand is a perfect evening. Me and my hubby also love Trattoria Rustica on Elm Hill and the Last Wine Bar on St George’s Street as they have special memories for us.

In the evening I try to catch up on school planning or work on my own business, Mumma & More. I’m also a bit addicted to Instagram so there is usually lots of scrolling on an evening. My guilty television pleasure is reality tv, particularly TOWIE and the Kardashians.

I head to bed at ten o’clock usually or whenever I have finished work for the evening. I am trying to read my book each night at the moment to help me switch off from the day’s craziness. The latest Ruby Wax book ‘Frazzled’ is, ironically, my bedtime reading at the moment!