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My name is Lucy, I’m 38 and have been married to the wonderful Matt for nearly 7 years. We met and were engaged within 3 months, then got married and had our first baby nearly 6 years ago. Within 21 months we’d had our second child, a boy, who is now 4 and starting school in September.

I’ve lived in Norfolk my whole life, and had a glorious 7 years living in Magdalen Street with a friend before moving to Wymondham.

What do you love most about the city?

What’s not to love – it has everything a city could want: it’s beautiful, has fabulous shops, quaint quirky shops, is family friendly, not too huge you can’t walk around it, has a great cultural scene at night and a castle.

What is your favourite park/open space?

Heigham Park. What a pretty little park not far from the centre. A great play area for kids, a fabulous amount of green space and a pretty little walk around.

What is your favourite place to eat?

Yo Sushi! I know it’s a chain, but I still get excited by the conveyor belt. We’re also a family a bit obsessed with sushi. We also love The Waffle House – there is no better dessert in the city than a Waffle House waffle with bananas and caramel sauce.

Where is your favourite place to spend time with your kids?

The Castle. They will never tire of the stuffed animal collection.

Where do you go to unwind when you have some child-free time?

Anywhere in the city that sells food and beer!

Tell us your top ‘hidden gem’ in Norwich

The miniature railway that runs on Sundays in Eaton Park from Easter to the autumn. The kids love it – and so do the adults. It’s a must.

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