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Introduce yourself and your family

My name is Rachel Potter and I am 29 years old. I live in Wymondham with my husband of 3 years, Mike, our nearly two year old, Jackson, and eight week old baby, Fraser.

How long have you lived in Norwich?

I moved to Norwich when in 2006 when I came to UEA to study. When I finished my Economics Degree in 2009 I had fallen so in love with the city that I decided to stay rather than heading back home to Lincolnshire. It was an odd decision since most of my friends returned home but I love the fact I have somewhere amazing for them to come and visit me!

What do you love most about the City?

My favourite thing about the city is the fact you can be in a bustling centre full of shops and people one minute and with just a five minute drive to the outskirts there are lots of green spaces and you feel like you are in the middle of the countryside! Norwich offers the best of both worlds.

What is your favourite park/open space?

My favourite park is Whitlingham as round the lake can either be a gentle stroll or a brisk run (not that I’ve ever done the latter!!) and you get to see the wildlife, the cafe caters well to little ones and there is plenty of parking.

Where is your favourite family place to eat?

My favourite place to eat is Cafe Britannia. They are reasonably priced, a nice out of town location (with a great cafe in  the Guild Hall in the centre of the city as well) and you never feel rushed with children in tow or worry if they are a bit noisy!

Where is your favourite place to spend time with your kids?

My favourite place to spend time with my family is Marriott’s Way. The routes are buggy-friendly but also really suitable for a family bike ride and because the path stretches from Norwich to Aylsham, there are various sections you can choose to visit to see some different scenery.

Where do you go to unwind and why?

The place I go to unwind when I have child-free time is the Assembly House for afternoon tea. Although they are suitable to take children to and I have done so a couple of times, I have found it much more relaxing and enjoyable to be there with just some adult friends. The food and drink on offer is delicious and the surroundings allow you to feel a bit less mumsy for the day and relax!

Tell us your top ‘hidden gem’ in Norwich – a place that you like to visit, a shop you love – which you think everyone else should know about.

I would say Norwich’s hidden gem is Ringland Hills…although it is very popular on a hot summer’s day due to the nice green area by the river, it’s a hidden gem in the colder months as there are some great woodland walks to explore and they range from just a stroll about picking up sticks to a much longer walk round hiking up hills and down little slopes. The Swan pub also has a great outside play area if the weather is good enough to sit outside, even if it’s with a coffee instead of a pint!!